Our History

Not one of the good promises which the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass (Joshua 21:45 – NASB).

During his lifetime, Mr. C. Ernest Tatham founded nine churches in North America. He was also instrumental in the establishment of Guelph Bible Camp and Emmaus Bible School. In 1945, he proposed a plan for a new church in the south end of Peterborough.

As part of his plan, Mr. Tatham purchased property on Braidwood Avenue. He then formed a committee to oversee the construction of a new building. However, in 1946, the government prohibited the construction of new churches due to a housing shortage. When God called Mr. Tatham to move to Toronto to teach at Emmaus Bible School, he sold the property to Mr. Ken Meredith – another member of the committee. Once the government ban was lifted, the committee proceeded with its plans for the new building. After completing construction, they held their first meeting on Sunday, January 2, 1949.

The new work was initially operated and sponsored by McDonnel Street Gospel Hall. It included a Sunday School and a Sunday evening meeting. In 1950, Mr. Bram Reed began preaching at weeknight meetings. Over the course of several months, God saved a number of people from the community. In the following year, Braidwood Bible Chapel began to function as an independent church. Since then, God has blessed the preaching of His Word at Braidwood to the salvation of souls and the edification of His people.

In 1962, an addition was added to the original building. In 2004, significant renovations were completed to the interior of the building. At present, Braidwood consists of approximately 80 members – mostly younger couples and families. We are greatly encouraged by what God is doing in our midst.