Breaking of Bread

Sunday @ 9:30 am

The breaking of bread service is a responsive meeting focused on the Lord Jesus, patterned after Christ’s command (1 Corinthians 11:23-24) and the habit of the early church (Acts 20:7). We gather as a group of people who have been saved by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and want to return thanks to him through spontaneous expressions of worship in song, prayers and the reading and expounding of scripture.

Worship & Preaching Service

Sunday @ 11:00 am
Sunday @ 6:30 pm

Our main preaching meetings consist of heartfelt worship through song and expositional bible teaching. This usually consists of a verse by verse look at a book of the bible but can take the form of a topical or character study. Regardless of the format, the sermons at Braidwood Bible Chapel revolve around the Lord Jesus Christ because He is what the whole bible is about!

Prayer & Bible Study

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

The mid-week prayer and bible study is an opportunity to gather for extended, focused prayer and to dig into the scriptures in more interactive way. Oftentimes we will explore an issue related to the book we are studying on Sunday morning. This meeting is less formal than the Sunday morning service and comments or questions about the topic at hand are encouraged.